Cyber ID Guard Secures Web Conferencing with Privacy Protection Module

Cyber ID Guard answers the growing threat of Zoom-bombing and web conference hacking with their Privacy Protection Module. This patented solution offers comprehensive anti-spyware protection.

Cheyenne, United States - April 9, 2020 /PressCable/ —

The new patented Privacy Protection Module helps secure access to video conferencing for those using web conferencing services such as Zoom, Webex, LogMeIn, GoToMeeting, Skype,, and video doorbell services like Ring.

Web conferencing services are experiencing malicious malware attacks known as keylogging. With this specialized spyware, hackers watch and record every keystroke a user makes.

These hackers use web links, emails, and public Wi-Fi, to plant keyloggers on user devices. Once planted, keyloggers allow hackers to steal security credentials for apps such as Zoom. With these credentials, hackers can do what is known as “Zoom-Bombing.” They take over the conference, kick out other hosts, and share inappropriate content. For this reason, New York has now banned schools from using Zoom for remote schooling.

Hackers also steal sensitive information within the conferencing account such as emails. They send web conferencing invitations to the entire email list. The recipients are unaware that the email is not from the legitimate source and contains an infectious malware.

A recent example of an infected email disguised as an invitation read, “Please download this update for the next Zoom meeting.” The invitation recipients are then infected with a keylogger as soon as they open the email.

Attempts to secure devices with premium anti-malware are futile. Keyloggers continually morph and change to avoid detection. It acts like a virus that quickly mutates and makes vaccines obsolete before they can even be released. This makes it impossible to find and kill these elusive forms of malware. Hence, everyone should assume that their devices are infected.

Zoom is aggressively enhancing security to protect users from hackers. However, they cannot secure their customers’ devices. That’s where the Privacy Protection Module comes in. This Module makes it nearly impossible for keyloggers to steal login credentials and hack into the accounts. Cyber ID Guard has partnered with StrikeForce Technologies to launch this module precisely when it is of dire need for web conferencing.

The Executive Vice President of StrikeForce Technologies, George Waller, stated, “It is imperative that the host, assistant host, and anyone with the Zoom Credentials, be protected.” In the following Video, Waller explains how hackers are stealing credentials and how this module stops hackers dead in their tracks.

The Privacy Protection Module makes it virtually impossible for hackers to steal credentials by encrypting every keystroke. It blocks screen-scraping and disallows unauthorized screenshots. The Protection Module works on Apple devices such as iPhones, iMacs and iPads. It also works on Windows and Android devices such as phones, tablets, and computers.

“I feel so much safer using the Privacy Protection Module with our Zoom meetings,” said Adrian Starr, CEO of 5 Starr Energy Corp, “I still use an antivirus program. But I know it can take weeks to make an antivirus patch and still not catch the spyware. It’s a relief knowing this Privacy Protection Module protects me in real time even if my computer is infected.”

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