Dependable Homebuyers Pitches for Real Estate Investments in Ocean City over Atlantic City

August 23, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ -

Innovative home buying company Dependable Homebuyers is pitching for real estate investments in Ocean City over Atlantic City. The founder of the We Buy Houses company, Evan Roberts says that Ocean City presents more lucrative opportunities to investors and buyers. He raises the high prices of residential properties in most parts of Atlantic City. One of the key prerequisites for investors and other buyers is affordability. The prices of different types of properties should not make an investment too risky. There should also be a potential return for investors and those who are interested in flipping houses. This potential return depends largely on the cost of acquisition, subsequent expenses and the eventual value at which a real estate asset can be liquidated. There is greater potential of return for investors in Ocean City real estate than that of Atlantic City.

Evan Roberts explains that most investors have an exit plan. Real estate professionals who flip houses tally the acquisition cost, expenses to renovate the property and the tentative price it will sell for. These figures are crucial to determine the potential profit. Ocean City has relatively affordable real estate. There are distressed properties that are ripe for flipping. At the same time, the home prices are appreciating substantially so the potential of return and hence net profit is much greater compared to Atlantic City. The home prices in Atlantic City are not only higher but they are also mostly stabilized. There is less likelihood of a property undergoing substantial appreciation for no major reason. The market is not expanding as much as the real estate sector in Ocean City. Read the recent press release they published at

Ocean City is safer and has more economic opportunities now. Several industries have been clocking steady growth over the last few years. Employment rates are at historic highs. There is significant boost to new home construction and there is moderate gentrification happening as well. Pre-owned properties being renovated and listed for sale are ensuring there is sufficient inventory for buyers to explore a plethora of options. All these ground realities make for a solid case of investing in real estate in or around Ocean City. The city is just as easily accessible and is conveniently close to all major industrial, commercial and transportation hubs. It has the same advantages as Atlantic City in the regional scheme of things. Yet, the cost of living is much less and the lifestyle is more satiating.

Ocean City has better schools than Atlantic City. There are pristine neighborhoods. While it does welcome a fair share of tourists, the hotspots do not get as chockablock as those in Atlantic City. Investors focus on the short term outlook of a city and its real estate industry before preferring one over another. Dependable Homebuyers has been buying houses in Ocean City for nearly a decade. It has flipped houses. It has bough rentals and also residential buildings. The company lead by Evan Roberts has been raking in increasing profits. The housing sector in particular has much more to offer to investors and buyers than the real estate in Atlantic City. For more details, contact Dependable Homebuyers directly.


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