High Protein Low Carb Snacks: Brand Discusses Protein and Weight Loss

GoalFoods created its high protein low carb snacks as an excellent source of protein to keep users fueled throughout the day. The brand recently discussed the importance of protein to weight management.

Houston, Texas, United States - April 9, 2020 —

GoalFoods has created high protein low carb snacks with clean ingredients that help people stay on track with their fitness goals without compromising on flavor. The brand recently discussed the role of protein in weight loss.

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“When it comes to weight control, what you eat is as important as how much you eat. However, you may not realize that increasing your consumption of protein may actually help you maintain a healthy weight,” Craig Romero, senior spokesperson for GoalFoods explains. “Protein helps you feel more full with less food. It reduces your level of the hunger hormone, ghrelin. It also increases peptide YY levels, a hormone that makes you feel full. Diets lacking in protein may increase a person’s appetite, resulting in greater calorie intake and therefore potential weight gain.”

A lack of protein can cause loss of muscle mass, reduce strength, affect balance and slow the metabolism. It can also lead to anemia, which makes one feel tired. “Our healthy snacks for adults are a plant-rich snack that fuels your lifestyle with healthy superfoods designed to keep you energized and feeling full for longer, decreasing the need to overeat,” he said.

Of course, consuming too much protein can cause health problems, too, such as constipation, dehydration and even kidney damage and heart disease.

Mint brownie protein bites contain seven grams of protein sourced from hemp and peas. “Hemp protein is an outstanding vegan source of amino acids, fiber, healthy fat, minerals and antioxidants. Peas are a high-quality protein source that supports muscle growth, heart health and weight loss. It is rich in iron and essential amino acids and has the added benefit of being one of the most easily digested and absorbed plant-based proteins,” Romero said.

Additional information about GoalFoods and its gluten-free snacks can be found on the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.


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