The world's rarest comic books

Sep 25, 2020

Los Angeles, Sep 25, 2020 ( - During our youth we thought of comics as cool and fun. However most adults now see comics as investments and potential life changers.

We've put together a list of comics worth a small fortune:


1)   Action Comics #1 from June 1938, the original and first appearance of Superman hit a record sale: $3.2 million in 2014. Another version of the comic had sold in 2010 for just over $1.1million, that went to $2.3 in 2011 only to be beaten by its namesake two years later.

If you have a copy stashed away. Estimates now put a seriously mint condition copy at well over $3.5million, and a minimum value (which is poor state, but complete) copy at $50,000.

There are only around 50-100 original copies believed to still be in existence so get digging my friends.


2) Nearly the most expensive comic in the list goes to the caped crusader himself... Batman.

That's right the first appearance or the Dark Knight in Detective Comics #27 from May 1939 sold at auction for a $1.3 million. Due to the dwindling numbers and poor state of a number of the Detective Comics, current valuation put a near-mint condition #27 at over $2.2 million... if you have one knocking around... in a hermetically sealed tube.


3) "Amazing Fantasy" #15 featuring, for the first time, Spiderman...

That's right, one of the first comics to break the $1 million dollar figure at auction in 2011 was the 1962 edition of Spiderman's maiden adventure in Amazing Fantasy.

It may sound like a failed Mickey Mouse adaptation but Amazing Fantasy is seriously, seriously rare.


4) Daredevil 1 Horwitz Publications is every collectors dream. This 1965 1st Edition is a once in a lifetime find. highest graded copy is a 2.0 estimated value $2,760,000 currently listed with


5) Last on this list is X-MEN #1 from 1963. Like many of these top 10s the first "The X-MEN" book was an origin of the series and introduced a number of characters, Angel, the Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl, Professor X, and of course their magnet-unfriendly nemesis Magneto.

The X-Men #1 sold for $492,937.50 in 2012 and was graded as one of the highest quality CGC 9.8 (near perfect).




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